Puppy Smuggling & Breeding Legislation

I understand how important this issue is and as an animal lover myself, I share your concerns. I come from a farming family and grew up in a house full of animals from our family dogs to lambs, goats, hens, ducks and even a rescued hare. 

I fully support the implementation of tougher dog breeding licensing rules to better protect thousands of puppies and to make it completely illegal to sell puppies younger than eight weeks old. This needs to be combined with an increase in policing of the illegal importing of puppies from cruel puppy farms across Europe. I have received the information pack from Dogs Trust and of course support their campaign, I am setting up a meeting with them to find out more about how I can help. In October, there is a Dogs Trust event, here in Parliament which I am involved with, to highlight the good work the charity does and to encourage more people to think about re-homing dogs who deserve a loving home, from charities such as Dogs Trust.