Trudy supports Town Council bid to install speed checkers in Keswick

Trudy Harrison has joined a community’s campaign to install speed indication devices in a bid to cut down on speeding drivers.

It comes following a petition launched by Keswick Mayor cllr David Burn urging Cumbria County Council to install the speed checkers on High Hill and Chestnut Hill in Keswick.

Cllr Burn, said: “Despite clear evidence that many drivers significantly exceed the speed limit at High Hill, there is nothing in place to encourage drivers to slow their speed.

“Drivers’ speed varies hugely across the year, increasing sharply in the dark winter months. This poses life-threatening risks to all pedestrians including the many children at Keswick School.

“Speed indication devices show a driver’s speed. They do not keep any individual details about passing traffic. They just encourage drivers to slow down, and that save lives.

“A car travelling at 40 mph will kill 9 out of 10 pedestrians. Slow that car to 30 mph and this falls to about half of pedestrians.”

Supporting the town council’s plea, Trudy has written to Cumbria County Council in support of the town council’s plea.

She said: “I understand that both Cumbria County Council and the Police have monitored speeds at the two locations, both of which are 30mph zones.

“Results on Chestnut Hill are such that there is acceptance that installation of a SID would be justified. However, police checks at High Hill are 1mph below the threshold for enforcement.

“Keswick School, Keswick Nursery and the Pre-School are located on or close to High Hill. In my view, these locations should therefore not be denied an SID simply because they are technically just short of the threshold.”