Trudy Harrison's and the Conservatives Jobs and Infrastructure Plan for Copeland

Copeland has had Labour MPs and Labour Councils for years. They’ve failed to deliver the infrastructure and services we need. A vote for Labour again means we’ll just be ignored and forgotten again.

Now under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour don’t even back our local Nuclear industry upon which so many jobs rely. So this time a vote for Labour is a threat to our local economy and jobs too.

Conservative candidate Trudy Harrison has a jobs and infrastructure plan to support our local Nuclear industry, and deliver the funding we need to maintain services.

1. Protecting local jobs and industry by ensuring our whole local economy benefits from the Moorside plans

2. Making the case for Moorside development to bring funding to maintain local services

3. Improve local roads and infrastructure to make sure our public transport delivers for local people

4. Invest in training and apprenticeships to make sure more people in Copeland have the skills they need 

5. Improving rural broadband by continuing the roll-out of high speed broadband for all homes, including ahrd to reach rural areas.  I will demand a monthly progress report from all the companies involved and share it on my website for residents to see. 

6. Making a success of Brexit for Cumbria, by supporting the government's clear plan to deliver what people voted for and make a success of Brexit.