Trudy Harrison welcomes good news for Copeland's farmers

Trudy Harrison has welcomed today's good news for farmers after the Conservatives committed to protect funding which will enable them to take full advantage of Brexit opportunities.

In a significant boost it was confirmed a Conservative majority government would match the current annual budget available to farmers for every year of the next Parliament, giving farmers the time and financial security to prepare for life after the Common Agricultural Policy.

Trudy, Copeland's Conservative Parliamentary candidate, said: "Since being elected as Copeland's MP I have met with farmers across the area who have consistently told me that what they need, more than anything, is the financial security and time to transition away from the Common Agricultural Policy when we leave the EU.

"This funding will really support our Copeland farmers as they move away from the EU’s bureaucratic, unfair Common Agricultural Policy. For the first time in 40 years, by leaving the EU, we will have the opportunity to legislate our own farming and agricultural policy. This means we can use public money for UK farmers, rather than our money subsidising farms across the EU."

Ministers also say the Conservatives will use the opportunity of leaving the EU to encourage the public sector to “Buy British”, in recognition of the quality of British food and in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Theresa Villiers, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said: "Brexit provides a huge opportunity to transform British farming. By leaving the discredited Common Agricultural Policy, we can help British farmers become more productive at the same time as improving our natural environment. I am delighted to announce that a Conservative majority government would guarantee to match the current annual budget available to farmers in every year of the next Parliament. This gives farmers across the UK the reassurance they need to plan for the future. It’s only by getting Brexit done that we can create a bright new future for farming. The last thing farmers need is the prolonged uncertainty and chaos of two more referendums under Labour."