Trudy encourages Keswick residents and business owners to respond to parking survey

Trudy Harrison is encouraging residents and businesses to respond to a survey aiming to establish their views over parking issues in the town.

On Friday more than 750 surveys were hand delivered to homes and businesses by the Office of Trudy Harrison with a further 750 distributed yesterday.

More than 200 residents and businesses have since responded to the survey, with the results set to be analysed and made public at a meeting to take place in the autumn - the deadline for submission is Friday 10 August

It comes after Mrs Harrison joined residents and business owners at a public meeting in Keswick last month after concerns were raised within the community about plans to introduce a residents’ parking scheme in an attempt to tackle the town’s parking problems.

Mrs Harrison, said: “Yesterday and last Friday my constituency office team, and team of enthusiastic summer interns, have been out on the streets of beautiful Keswick, hand delivering 1500 parking surveys to residents and businesses in the town.

“To date we have received over 200 completed surveys with the vast majority expressing relief that the matter is being looked into.

“The purpose of the survey is to assess, as best as we can, the number of vehicles, off road and on road parking places, and the ease or difficulty which residents, visitors and business owners find parking at different times of the week and year.  

“The survey also aims to investigate how events and festivals impact on parking in the town centre.  As far as I am aware an assessment of this kind has not been carried out already, it was agreed unanimously at a recent meeting with residents and business owners that this approach would be a first base. ”