Trudy demands Government step in and deliver Moorside

Trudy has urged the Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy to ‘step in’ and ‘recognise the overwhelming need for Moorside’.

Speaking today in an Urgent Question on the future of the multi-billion pound Moorside development, Trudy stressed the country’s ‘demonstrable need for electricity’ stating that ‘Copeland has un-disputed capability in nuclear’.

Gathering cross-party support with her Cumbrian colleagues after Toshiba announced last Thursday that it was winding up NuGen, Mrs Harrison reinforced that Moorside ‘must be delivered’.

She went on to demand that the Government get to grip with the country’s energy policy and support Moorside.

Speaking after, Mrs Harrison, said: “The Secretary of State must recognise the demonstrable need for much more electricity in the future and the un-disputable, highly skilled nuclear workforce that dominates in Copeland and Cumbria.

“There is nowhere else in the country with our nuclear capability, it is a seventy year old industry which has employed my family and just about every other family in West Cumbria. 

“Nuclear is what we do so well, our knowledge is renowned thought the world.  Common sense must prevail, the UK needs Moorside and my community is depending on it.

Today, Mrs Harrison is set to hold an urgent meeting with Richard Harrington, Under Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to discuss proposals for the Moorside site.