Trudy commends Egremont Songwriter’s festive fundraising efforts

A self-funded Christmas single aiming to raise money for the homeless has been praised by Copeland’s MP.

Trudy Harrison MP has this week commended Egremont songwriter, Rose Finn, for her efforts to raise awareness and funds for the homeless through the sales of her festive single, ‘A Song of Hope (for Christmas).

Ms Finn will be dividing any funds raised between The Salvation Army and Calderwood House in Egremont.

Through donations on her ‘Just Giving’ page, Ms Finn has so far raised £246, of a £1,900 target.

Ms Finn, said: The plight of the homeless always saddens me at any time of year but more so at Christmas.  There may be people who feel they cannot go back home, but they may well have family members and friends who are desperately worried about them and want them back.

“There are also those who can't go back and may feel like no one cares.  People do care but sometime don't know how to help.

“This inspired me to write “A Song of Hope (for Christmas)” and use it to raise funds to support the homeless in this country.

“I have self-funded the production of this song and any donations will go direct to those in need.”

To accompany the single, Ms Finn has also produced a music video with the help of her local community and the Whitehaven Theatre Group.

Mrs Harrison, said “The Government has a plan to end homelessness by 2027 with £1.2 billion allocated to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping, but Rose’s efforts are helping now and I absolutely commend her proactive, selfless approach which will greatly benefit two wonderful local causes.”

Ms Finn, added: “In 2018 we should not be seeing people living on the street. 

“Let’s do what we can to stop it now. I want to help raise funds to be used directly for the homeless, not only here in Cumbria bur the rest of the UK.”

To make a donation to Ms Finn’s plight, please follow the link: