Trudy backs country’s biggest mass-action environmental campaign

Trudy Harrison is encouraging communities across Copeland to help improve the environment on their doorstep.

This week, Trudy has pledged her support for this year’s ‘Great British Spring Clean’, run by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy and endorsed by figures including Sir David Attenborough.

The campaign is running for its third consecutive year, from March 22nd to April 23rd and will see up to half a million-people taking action to clean up streets, parks and beaches across the country, recycling as much as possible.

It comes in response to over 30 million tonnes of litter being collected from the streets of Britain each year, at an estimated £1bn cost to councils.

On supporting the scheme, Mrs Harrison, said “Between 2017 and 2018, more than 790 tonnes of litter was collected across Copeland, the majority being fast food wrappers, soft drink cans and plastic bottles blighting our stunningly natural landscapes and having extremely negative effects on the environment - it is absolutely right that those who choose to litter should face a fine.

 “I am once again supporting The Great British Spring Clean, a highly sensible initiative helping to improve our environment whilst encouraging local communities to come together and make a positive difference for those who visit, work and live in Cumbria.”

Each year, the Great British Spring Clean brings together individuals, community organisations, businesses and councils to make a difference to the environment on our doorstep and in 2018 around 370,000 #LitterHeroes collected more than 630,000 bags of rubbish.

This year there is also 300 local authorities on board.

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: “The Great British Spring Clean is an opportunity for the millions of people who care about the environment on their doorstep to do something that will make a visible difference.

“Regardless of politics, everyone can agree that tackling the litter pollution that despoils our country is something we should all support, and it is fantastic to have the support of Trudy Harrison to help us reach our target of getting 500,000 people out, taking action to clean up every corner of the country.”

To find out more about the Great British Spring Clean and to get involved visit