Home Secretary joins Trudy Harrison listening to views in Whitehaven

Home Secretary Priti Patel joined Trudy Harrison in Whitehaven today to hear people's views on the doorstep.

They were joined by campaigners and called on houses around the Highlands estate.

Trudy, Copeland's Conservative Parliamentary candidate, has been out and about across Copeland listening to views on local issues and also hearing from people who are backing getting Brexit done. 

Ms Patel said: "I’ve had a great time listening to local people in Whitehaven today. It is clear that people want to back Boris to get Brexit done so we can focus on priorities such as the NHS and policing. Trudy is a tour de force and exactly what a constituency needs in Westminster. She's been an advocate and a complete champion for Copeland."

Trudy added: "It is important that ministers can see our challenges but also to hear from local people about their needs and how they voted to leave the EU. We discussed the NHS, policing, roads, education and Brexit. People know that I am the only candidate promising to respect the referendum and that is coming across loud and clear on the doorsteps."