Ennerdale Brewery celebrates success of a unique Cumbrian Larger with Copeland MP visit

The MP for Copeland had a lesson in pulling the perfect pint this week, during a visit to Ennerdale Brewery.

Trudy Harrison MP met the team for a tour of the facilities and an insight into the world of brewing.

Ennerdale Brewery Ltd has been operating in its current form since 2010; its owners, the Robert’s family took over the business while it was still based in Croasdale near Ennerdale Water.

The brewery has since moved to larger and more accessible premises in nearby Rowrah, where it produces cask, bottled and canned ales from its 10BBL plant.

Russ Lemon, sales manager, said: “It was an absolute pleasure to host Trudy’s visit to the brewery.

“It provided us an opportunity to discuss the challenges faced by businesses like ours which operate in rural areas like West Cumbria, which Trudy is all too aware of.”

After meeting staff and learning about the day-to-day running of the business, Mrs Harrison was given a tour by Head Brewer, Dave Morton.

The Brewery is complimented by the Tap room & Café where the Brewery’s core range of 4 beers, Blonde, Wild, Darkest and premium Lager, Seven Bridges along with seasonal specials can be sampled.

 ‘Seven Bridges’ the brewery’s new larger is a very pale beer brewed with German hops in the style of traditional Kolsch beer and is available to  in cans from the Pelican garage in Whitehaven and a great move by the brewery for the larger drinking customer to have a Cumbrian produced larger in the county.  

Mrs Harrison, said: “The visit was an incredible insight into the world of brewing and it was brilliant to see a diverse family-run business booming in Rowrah.

“The tour is a ‘must do’ for anyone in the area and the Brewery Tap serves fabulous food and, of course, the finest locally brewed ales and lagers throughout the day and evening. 

“A Cumbrian producer supplying their products to local pubs, clubs, hotels and shops throughout Cumbria and parts of North Lancashire is a credit to Copeland and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labour across supermarket chains including Morrisons and Booths very soon.”