Copeland MP and farmers discuss post-Brexit farming needs

Copeland MP Trudy Harrison met with local farmers to discuss their post-Brexit farming needs.

Meeting in Wasdale, they also explored the potential for introducing a national food strategy for the UK and the importance of a ‘buy British’ policy.

The farmers and National Farming Union (NFU) representative spoke to Trudy about ensuring there was no sub-standard food allowed into the UK post-Brexit and that it met the high standards of the British industry.

They also discussed the importance of farming apprenticeships to ensure the workforce was available to the industry and how improving their grasslands would help productivity.

Trudy said: “There is no better industry for skills and experience to be passed down generations, our farmers know their land best, they are the conservationists within our community and the industry must be supported for future generations. The proposed food strategy is important to sustain the lifeblood in rural areas and to ensure the highest animal welfare and environmental standards.

“Buying local, asking where your meat and dairy comes from will help local farmers and food producers and ensure the best possible animal welfare and environmental standards are being supported and sustained.”